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wow! what a life!


We are in the final week of packing and getting ready to move. (This, we have sworn to each other, is our last move!) What a chore! We both are book rats and pack rats, (not to mention the huge piano) so moving is a chore.

On the bright side, we are moving to (literally) the side of a mountain with only three homes on it--and it's right in the middle of the Nantahala National Forest. It doesn't get much better than this. Our house is built right over a bold creek, with a small waterfall right up from the deck, and the creek, truly, runs right under the house. I am looking forward to the hypnotic sounds as I drift off to sleep. (However, there are elk, which are quiet, and bobcats, which are not, and possibly black bears, who are probably still sleeping!--these will add to the sounds of the water, I am certain.)

We are hoping our kids (all four of them!) can visit at some point in the summer. Nathan, Wes, Heather and Erin, you are all welcome at any time you can swing a visit. Bring your camera and a jacket as we are in medium elevation and it's about 15 degrees cooler on the mountain than in the nearby town.

Until later, sleep well.

Dianna (IBD_SheBear)
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