ibd_shebear (ibd_shebear) wrote,


That's the feeling around here these days. We are moving to North Carolina, trading the Iowa flatlands for the mountains. So much to do and where to start?

We are organizing a couple of auctions, trying to sell our home and also looking to purchase a new one all at the same time! Oh, and don't forget the finishing out of this school year! (I am a teacher.)

However, tomorrow is the last day of school and then I can concentrate on the tasks at hand. Thank goodness IBD_bear is a good organizer. I'd be lost without him as my anchor.

Now on to more important items. I have several family members I want to meet! IBD has two sons nearly the age of my two daughters, and IBD has met my kids and their spouses, and I have not yet had the chance to meet his sons and their spouses! We need to remedy this situation as soon as possible!

More later.

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