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we've moved!


We took a huge step and I accepted a teaching position in North Carolina. We put our home in Iowa up for sale, and had an auction to help pare down before the move. After several days on the road with a huge truck that cost over $100. to fill up at each stop, we arrived in Sylva, NC.

The mountains are truly beautiful, calming, majestic and accessible. We live just south of the Great Smoky Mountains and can see one mountain from our front porch and we have a rapid creek right in our back yard. It would sound a little sweeter if our Iowa house was sold! :)

I realized today that it's already August and I have not finished sorting through all of the things my classroom has in it from the previous teacher! So far I've found several piles of Weekly Readers from the mid '80s (stacks with 20 in each stack!) and enough holiday devorations to start my own store. I believe that kids should have a hand at creating bulletin boards that are meaningful --in their own style and using creative ideas, not just slapping up something purchased at a teacher resource store. I put piles of things in the hall for other teachers to use if they want--and no one saw the pitch pile....

My husband, ibd_bear is in the process of going through a government-to-school gift of used computers for classrooms. Unfortunately, everything came in on a truck, nothing was matched or coded in any way. Each day he tries to set up writing areas for students, and each day becomes a new adventure. The kids will love having a mini writing labs in the classrooms. I will teach at a very poor school that has 70 of its students from a nearby reservation. I guess we have students without telephones, let alone computers. In two and a half weeks we have our first day of class! Yikes!

The summer has evaporated, we still are unpacking here at home and working at school. I think I am still waiting for a vacation! Ha.

I'd love to hear from anyone who takes the time to read these entries. It's just good to know real people are out there.


We are finding
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